Fly high with your ultimate IoT platform

Get ready to fall in love with the HummingBoard – a small and powerful, low-cost ARM computer that ignites the imagination. Whatever your dream is, the HummingBoard will help make it happen – the possibilities for creating the next great IoT innovation are truly limitless.

IoT is about “things” connecting with systems, people and other things such as sensors and actuators. IoT field is emerging with a large variety of use cases and applications, requiring different connectivity methods and dynamic and flexible hardware capabilities. The HummingBoard is the most innovative, dense and flexible IoT platform of its kind, simplifying design and reliable deployment of such products


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New! HummingBoard-Edge

HummingBoard-Edge is the ideal M2M platform, it was developed to meet the B2B market demand for for a high performance, reliable and innovative device. The brand new HummingBoard-Edge includes a whole new set of features such as eMMC, mPCIE (Half or Full Size) , optional metal enclosure and much more.

hummingboard edge enclosure | SolidRun


Based on product IO requirements, the designer can pick from a variety of HummingBoard carrier boards including the Base, Pro or the latest HummingBoard-Edge. Customized carrier boards are easy to make based on SolidRun’s freely available “Open HW” reference designs and schematics


Processing Power

Choose the model that’s right for you! The Freescale i-MX6 based MicroSOMTM varies from Single to Quad core allowing the designer to seamlessly scale up or down for best cost/performance optimization.


Extensive Wireless/RF connectivity

The HummingBoard family has the highest level of Wireless/RF integration in its category, supporting technologies such as 802.11n, Bluetooth, cellular and many low power wireless technologies such as ZigBee.


Memory and Storage

Different DRAM memory configurations are available allowing for easy size/cost optimizations. In addition, the platform supports multiple options for storage media types and size including mSATA, M.2, eMMC and MicroSD options. For maximum flexibility several options for boot storage are supported.


Software Development Tools

SolidRun provides an extensive set of software development tools including BSP packages, Linux kernel, compilers and debug tools. In addition SolidRun offers all major Linux OS distributions such as: Android, Debian, Yokto and Arch Linux. Standard distributions are easily installed and upgraded via Solidrun’s Ignition-InstallerTMallowing developing and supporting of commercial and carrier grade products.



Different IoT segments have specific environmental requirements. These include indoor, outdoor, industrial flow, automotive and others. Hummingbaord IoT platform attends to different environmental grade requirements supporting such needs.

What’s your HummingBoard?


HummingBoard Base

Includes basic features that, combined with your choice of MicroSOM, provide an excellent, low-cost computer board solution.

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HummingBoard Pro

Adds many advanced features on top of the base version, focusing on more connectivity and IO. An excellent choice for IoT-centric products.

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The optimal M2M platform , specially designed for business needs, offering new features such as eMMC,M.2 and much more.

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